Become an Airbnb host   - Create the perfect bedroom to let

Become an Airbnb host - Create the perfect bedroom to let

Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Make sure your spare bedroom or home is 'dressed' well to attract Airbnb customers.
Take a look at some tips and tricks on how to create that perfect room to rent out.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online website that connects people who want to rent out their homes or a room in their home, to people who are looking for accommodation to stay for a night a holiday break or maybe even longer.

How do I get my room/home ready for Airbnb?

The bedroom is the key room that guests are likely to be staying. You need to look at your room through the eyes of your potential guests. The room should be presented more like a hotel room, rather than a spare room in your house. Making that extra effort, will enable you to get more guests and charge a higher rate.

Top Tips

1. DECLUTTER and remove everything from the room, except what is needed for the guest. The room should have at least a bed, side table(s), bedside lamp(s) a wardrobe/place to hang clothes, a mirror and (if space allows) a chest of drawers or table.

2. REPAIR and make good anything that needs doing in the room, this might include fixing a handle on a wardrobe or painting skirting boards that have scuff marks.

3. PAINT the room a calming and tranquil colour. This is not essential, but it would be beneficial to give the room a fresh lick of paint. Neutrals, such as creams, greige and warm greys would be a good choice of colour, rather than taste specific and bold colours.

4. CLEAN the room from top to bottom. Ensure that it is a deep clean, including washing carpets, curtains, walls and skirting boards.

5. COLOUR coordinate the room with a specifically chosen colour pallete. Choose a selection of approx 3-5 colours to use in the room. For example, a nice colour selection is light blue, greige/natural browns, white, rose pink and green. These colours are calming and appeal to both genders.

6. ACCESSORIZE the room using purchased or used items within your choosen 3-5 colour pallete. For example, you may purchase rose pink pillows or use greige/brown wicker hanging baskets or a jute rug, or a peice of abstract art which brings all of the chosen colours together. (See image for some ideas)

6. DRESS the room with the final bits to make it special for the guest. Add a throw to the bed, dress the bed with pillows and cushions, provide a luxury white towel and dress a quality wooden tray with tea/coffee/water and complimentary chocolate.

7. FINAL tip is to provide a welcome letter with information about local taxi's, local restaurants, places to visit and a gentle reminder of the 'house rules.'

Hope this is helpful and enjoy being an Airbnb host!!